WVRSOL is an unincorporated West Virginia non-profit association entirely dependent on its members and donors' generosity in the promotion of its advocacy work. WVRSOL's ability to inform the public, lobby legislators, and track significant litigation is a function of its financial health and well-being. Simply put, the more support WVRSOL receives, the more it can effectively accomplish.

An all-volunteer board manages WVRSOL. Its staff and management receive no compensation for time or effort but may be reimbursed for expenses incurred at the association's behest. Consequently, 100% of its financial resources are engaged in the critical work of advocacy.

Bronze Member Silver Member Gold Member memberships are all annual memberships, good for one year. You have the option to have your membership renewed automatically on its end date, or if you choose not to set up auto-renewal, you will receive a renewal reminder via email when your membership renewal is due.

Lifetime Member membership is valid for membership in WVRSOL for its or your lifetime.


Why is membership better than a one-time donation?

We certainly appreciate all donations; however, when you join WVRSOL you are joining like-minded reformists who believe in increasing public safety by working to reform the oppressive and punitive sexual offense laws that do not serve to protect families and communities of West Virginia. As a member, you will help us help to give a voice to those convicted of sexual offenses who are determined to lead productive lives and contribute to their communities.


How are public shaming registries harmful rectification?

We recognize the harmful rectification that public shaming sex offender registries have on individuals and their families and the importance of pushing for evidence-based legislation to benefit all West Virginians. When you join WVRSOL you will be supporting years of in-depth research projects that have shown that sexual offense registries are expensive, waste resources, and do nothing to protect the public. Moreover, your membership in WVRSOL will allow us to continue working to educate the public and our lawmakers about the harmful rectification, real consequences, and wastefulness of the sexual offense registry in West Virginia.


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